Perseid Reflections

By Brocken Inaglory, via


So last night was a little rough; I wasn’t feeling particularly healthy, and thought that maybe a full night’s sleep would be better for me than a meteor shower. I decided to cancel the alarm I had set for 2am and went to sleep.

Then around 2:20 or so, I found myself awake. I find that often happens, when I plan on setting an alarm, I wake up before it rings anyway 😊.  So I decided to go out and have a look after all.

I’m staying down in the south end of a city now, and the visibility was quite good – I haven’t seen so many stars in a long time. I only saw a couple of meteors, and only stayed out a few minutes, Β as the mosquitoes had found me. But it was worth it, just to get out and look at the stars again.

This morning, I feel so refreshed; it feels like a fresh start. I’ve been going slowly, took a shower, took a bit more time with my hair. Savouring things a bit more.

I think it’s transformative, to be under such beauty. To look up at all those sparkling lights, and know that you are also part of them, and they of you; that our bodies and everything, everything we like and dislike, it all came from stars. To picture that starry sky inside you. To see it when you close your eyes.

What a good practice for the summer 😊 visits with your star elders. Β I’ll try to get further out of town next time, maybe learn a few more constellations.


EDIT – as a side note – the birds are out in droves this morning! The crows outside my window got me up around 7:30, the goldfinches are doing their happy little dives going “Tweedley dee? Tweedly dee!” πŸ˜€ and anΒ eagle flew right above me earlier too. Not related to stars, just related to nature being amazing πŸ™‚


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