The Perseids Are Coming!!

And happening right now as well, I guess ☺. Check it out – I will stay up at least for a while to watch. Too bad, I was getting so good at waking up early, and sitting out in the garden with all the creatures doin their morning things… much for that 😁. Oh well, the nighttime is a beautiful time to experience too.

I’m thinking this shower can be part of my wheel of the year. Lammas/Lughnasadh completely whizzed by me this year, and it hasn’t really signalled a shift in the seasons where I live anyway. I thought this post on Patheos was quite good, on that topic.

I’m not sure what making this a point on my wheel would entail; maybe a chance to study the stars and the universe, to remember how much more there is out there beyond the Earth and to stand in awe of that for a while.

OK, back to the study of archetypes; it’s no longer new and shiny and fun, after three whole days 😁, but I do want to try this whole sticking with it thing.

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