Pagan Journal: Thoughts on the Equinox


Funny; Saturday evening rolls around, and I find myself really craving some spiritual time! And then I don’t really have time for it until Sunday; but here I am.

A few sciencey tidbits about the equinox:

Apparently day and night aren’t exactly equal on the equinoxes; the equilux is the day when they’re exactly equal, and it happens a few days before the equinox in March, a few days after the equinox in September.

Neat to learn a bit more about why the seasons work the way they do in different parts of the world – the self-test questions on the TedEd website are helpful to make it stick too.

did manage to sneak in a ritual tonight ;). Soon I will live in a space where I won’t need to hide it.

I did a tarot reading for myself with this spread; proved to be really insightful, encouraging, and reiterating a few things I already know. Sometimes you need to hear it from another source, though. Or have it shoved in your face by a deck of cards! One of my cards to prune was the Knight of Swords, and that brought someone I know to mind so quickly.

I experimented a bit with using my imagination to go to the astral realm too, and explore these cards a bit more deeply, with the help of a little character who popped out of my brain. I’d like to learn more about people who practice astral projection, create thought forms, all these kinds of things. I feel like I’ve already partially done this, when I would get so engrossed in the story in a book, and then maybe imagine myself talking with characters from the book. Definitely something I will explore more in the future.

Spring means new growth. Growth can be painful; I think I’m experiencing some growing pains now. That’s alright. ❤

Hope you all had a good equinox, whether it’s bringing in the spring or the fall!


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