Pagan Journal: Forging My Path

Time to settle in for some tea and introspection, I think. 🙂


Maybe I’ll make that a weekend habit; to set aside some spiritual time! I like that idea.

I do a fair bit of thinking about my spiritual path, and reading, watching, listening about the paths of others. I don’t do a lot of practicing these days. I have been paying attention to the changing of the season (which is so wonderful!) and the filling of the new moon; I do like to know what’s going on that way, to be centred using those points. So I do practice my spirituality in those ways.

But I think I’m at the point where I want to develop rituals to express my spirituality, and delve deeper into it. I was listening to this RobCast episode the other day; a few minutes into it they start discussing irrational beliefs, rational thought, and what Rob calls transrational thought(/belief?). It’s a fascinating topic. I guess the way I understand it, the transrational occurs after you’ve gone through your rational examination of the beliefs you’ve been brought up with, and realize the need to give a name to experiences that are not quantifiable. This isn’t the same as holding beliefs without examining them, in a non-rational way. This is recognizing that there are parts of our existence that we can never fully understand, due to the limitations of our physical bodies through which we experience the world. Recognizing this, and using powerful names that already exist to make an attempt to talk about what’s going on in the realm of spirit.

Does this mean that I think a “realm of spirit” literally physically exists somewhere? Not necessarily. I can certainly easily allow for that possibility though!

I just noticed there’s a really beautiful old tree outside the window of where I’m staying:


Kind of looks like he has an eye and is watching me. Looks friendly anyway. 🙂

One person I’d consider a spiritual mentor is Kelly-Ann Maddox. Though I’ve never talked to her, I feel like I resonate so much with what she says in her videos, and they’ve really helped me start to define my own path. I think that she is definitely someone you could consider transrational; she thinks critically, but is also open to the mysteries. She describes herself as a spiritual counsellor who holds the torch and walks alongside you for a while. I love that image 🙂 .

She offers a few different ways to work with her, which I think I will save up to purchase one day in the not-so-distant future; the Spiritual Counselling Session for sure. The Creative Magick Brainstorming Session is another that really appeals to me. So I’m thinking I can structure my approach to this part of my life in these two dimensions: the spiritual side, and the side that is curious about magical experimentation.

It does feel rather open and raw to share these thoughts publicly online – even under a pseudonym!! lol. I’ll have to do some private journalling as well, some private communion and ritual work. But at the same time, I’m glad to have a public blog about it too; it helps me to keep coming back to it, to make it a regular practice. So, thank you for reading. 😉 ❤

2 thoughts on “Pagan Journal: Forging My Path

  1. I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to compose a comment until I too had a cup of tea of my own, and so here we are. I like this talk of having spiritual practice without firmly acknowledging a set beliefs which are held literally. One of the goals of spirituality should be to learn the truth yourself! Ritualising our practice gives us something fun to do while also adding a dimension of reality to it. It sits you down on the spiritual path so that you can actually feel the metaphorical spiritual earth on your adventure feet! That’s what I think about it anyway lol

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  2. I once held to a firm list of names for the things I experienced in the spiritual. I was a young teen adventuring, and wanted very badly to align my practical application of magic to particular esoteric traditions. Twenty years later I have become irreverent toward myself and now use much less serious speech when I communicate about magic and spiritualism.

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