Hello Pagan and Witchy Community!

God (Gods, Goddess, etc), do I ever need this outlet.


My beliefs are certainly pagan; I revere nature. I’m starting to explore polytheism, waffling between hard and soft polytheism (unapologetically). I love the freedom that an eclectic path allows – choose what works for you, explore.

I’m also fascinated by the occult, witchcraft, and systems of magic. That is one of the main reasons for creating this space, really; I need a place to share my views without needing to edit them to make them easier for others to swallow.

The world is so full of possibility and potential; why limit yourself? Why limit your experience?

So, I am creating this online space for myself to fully explore my spirituality and curiosities. I’ve chosen a new name, created this sacred space, allowed myself to dabble and experiment. It’s quite exciting really, to take on the name of “witch”; something I’ve been drawn to for many years, but have held back from due to others in my life.

I’ll share whatever I find interesting concerning this pagan path as well. I was just reading Thorn Mooney’s post on her Patheos blog about how an individual’s spirituality is likely to evolve over time, just as they do; I love this point of view. Like I mentioned above, I’m currently exploring different ideas surrounding deity – the idea that they’re archetypes formed from our collective unconscious; that they have power through the generations of worshippers who have come before us; that they are beings of their own in some sense, whether sometimes physically but mostly astrally. (Is astrally a word? You know what I mean.)

I’m going to try out which of these ideas feels right to me at this time; and I expect what feels right for now to vary as I grow older. I embrace that concept of growth and change. Does it mean that the literal reality of whether these entities exist or not changes? Not likely. But who’s to say? What is the nature of reality? Is it “consensus reality”, what we all agree upon to be real (which does not exist, as we all believe different things anyway); is it decided by what we happen to truly believe at any given moment? Do we create our reality as we live it?? (Wormhole ahead!)

I hope to use this venue to meet others on this path. MAN, do I ever need to talk about it.

Blessed be. 🙂 ❤



4 thoughts on “Hello Pagan and Witchy Community!

    1. Hm! Well, we’re not omniscient, that’s for sure, which facilitates tripping. I think that we can “create our own reality” (or our own experience of reality) in some sense – whether by wishful thinking, willful ignorance, or being open-minded enough to see what others don’t! But this doesn’t mean that we’d be aware of everything in the universe.

      I think I definitely need to step further down this wormhole 😀 – reality (or the experience of it) certainly seems to be different for each individual. If that’s so, could there be one “actual” reality? Would it only be knowable by someone who is omniscient?

      Thanks for the question, it made me think more about my own outlandish claims! lol 🙂

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      1. These are sticky questions, who knows if its even possible to answer them at all! I look forward to hearing more from you, I wish I had more to offer at my own blog. It seems at the moment I’m stuck for inspiration, which for me means I’m only writing about maths lol

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  1. Hello,
    my own perception and therefore conception of what deities are has changed so much since I first started walking on the pagan path (I had the same interrogations as you a few years back!).
    “Creating our reality” is an interesting way to look at life, whether it’s true or not. And I don’t think we’re all meant to tread on the same path. Different things work for different people and at the end all that matters is to find that place that feels like home and where we can finally feel whole.

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